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All questions about orders, warranty, and other topics will be answered only by Live Chat on the website.
Leave there questions and we will reply as soon as our operators will be available.
You can send an SMS to support at +44 7389 640302 (include the order number or account email you use on the website)

We deliver products from the EU warehouse, not the UK!

Live chat responds to messages in 24h if not online.

For business inquiries:

Email: (support questions will not be answered, use live chat on the website)

Most popular answers:

Tracking information - When the tracking number is ready it's inside your account on the website under orders you will find tracking information inside all orders you have. Choose which one you are interested and there will be a tracking number.

Warranty -

Delivery information -

Bank wire payments - processing is longer and can take up to 4 days to process.