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Our online store offers you cute and beautiful bases for electronic cigarettes, used for mixing high-quality liquids (e-liquids). We offer a variety of e-liquid bases - 50/50 e-liquid bases, 70/30 and 80/20 e-liquid bases. We have a wide range of flavors for mixing electronic cigarette liquids. Nicotine Shots and Saltnic Shots. Flavor concentrates: Mixing liquids from bases and flavors If you don't have a liquid, make some yourself! So quickly ordered the liquid base and flavors from the Riccardo Shop and started mixing? Not quite, because instead of experimenting with individual flavors as in the past, today's modern vaper reaches for the finished flavor concentrate. They are available from Riccardo himself as Riccardo Classic, but also from the new German trend brand Red Dragon. If you like it more exotic, you can reach for our highlights from all over the world, these are guaranteed to be the trendiest brands when it comes to liquids or aroma concentrates for liquids. How to mix liquid from aroma concentrates Nothing easier than that: handling all aroma concentrates is very easy, because they are simply poured with base liquid to form the finished liquid. You can't do much wrong and the result is always the most delicious liquid for the e-cigarette. However, the ratio with which aroma concentrates are infused with liquid base depends somewhat on the taste of the vape. If you use too little base and think you can vape more flavor with it, you will have to deal with a disappointing taste experience. On the other hand, if you save on the aroma, the vapor quickly becomes a tasteless affair. So it is best to first strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations and then change them to taste on a small scale. Nicotine shots or no nicotine shots - that is the question! Many vapers do not want to do without the nicotine in the liquid and have already found their preferred nicotine concentration in the liquid. The shots are now added to the aroma and the base, although you can't do too much wrong here either: first the shots in the base until the nicotine concentration is right and then the aroma is added until the taste is right. Vaping is really super easy, isn't it?